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From weddings to corporate events, house parties to outdoor concerts - our seasoned catering team knows how to feed the masses with style and grace. In other words - you bring the guests, we'll handle the rest.



I was lucky enough to attend an event catered by Kitchen12000.  The food was excellent and displayed beautifully.  I am a huge fan of grilled meats and when I saw a variety of kebabs being served by the wonderful staff, I was the happiest person in the room. The bar was stocked with premium spirits; the bartenders knew their drinks, set up a beautiful bar and were very fun to be around. Nonee, Michael and he rest of the crew are extremely friendly and attentive, you can tell they like their job and make sure that you and your guests are having a great time. I am glad that K12 is around and when I ever have to through a huge party, I know where to go. So if you are  looking to host an event/party/wedding… Congratulations – you just found the right people to call!

-Henning Fisher [Guest: Grand Opening] via



2 words ladys and gents,BOOK’EM NOW!……LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!Hands down thee best catering company I have ever experienced! I actually made a account just so I could review them. Kitchen 12000 catered a friend of mines wedding reception. I have worked in the restaurant industry for several years and could not believe the attention to detail that their wait staff displayed. They were on point with everything and my glass never went empty. The whole staff was very nice and very professional. Especially the bartender. I chatted it up with him for a bit, made really good drinks and was a real friendly guy.Now, the food was outstanding! I really enjoyed the gorgonzola stuffed babybella mushrooms amongst all the other delicious dishes. I had a chance to meet the owners Michael and Nonee after the dinner while everyone was dancing. Not over exaggerating at all, they were probably the kindest people I every met. SUPER COOL, totally humble, and they even gave me food to take home.I would recommend Kitchen 12000 to anybody and everybody that wants their party to be a success!


-Steven Kimball, [Guest: Wedding] via



Thank you, thank you, thank you!Michael, Nonee and the K12000 crew did an extremely legit job on my wedding. My wife and I were definitely pleased with their services and let me tell you, there was a lot going on.So let me tell you how this started… …as soon as I was tasked with looking for caterers from the wifey, I hit up K12000 and we were soon on our way to a private tasting at the K12000 headquarters. Michael greeted us at the door and welcomed us with open arms and a congratulations! We were given a tour of the space and then seated. This is where Michael came through with an onslaught of appetizers ranging from vegan to vegetarian to carnivorous delicacies and they blew our minds!!! I seriously could’ve just had an appetizer platter for all of our guests and I’m sure they would’ve been blown away – but that’s not my steeez – it’s a formal occasion and things must be coursed out. Next Michael came through with the salads, sides and entrees and it was definitely hard to decipher which ones we like best because they were all so delicious! Post dinner, we briefly discussed the options and how their system works. Once that was over, it was the countdown to the big day…We had several meetings with the K12000 team and a meeting at the reception site and everyone was totally on board to make this event a smooth and memorable one. Their service was excellent and personable which made for better communication for the other vendors we had chose.THE BIG DAY.K12000 showed up on time in the wee hours of the morning ready to set up and prep for the big day. I on the other hand was blown away when I first stepped foot inside of the Vibiana because I had to do some posin’ for the photographers. The behind the scenes of what goes on to put a wedding together was mind blowing! K12000 not only did our catering but they handled much more such as the beautiful dance floor, tables, chairs, dinner settings, ice and more… so I would highly recommend asking about the rest of their services because they are highly resourceful.


During the cocktail hour, the K12000 team were rockin’ their uniforms while expediting the delicious appetizers. How did I know they were delicious? Not only because I tried all of them prior but because each server would get swarmed by my guests and they wouldn’t even be able to walk the full outdoors – Good Sign!!!

During dinner, all that I kept on hearing our guests rave about was the BRAISED BEEF otherwise known as the Beef Cheeks! Completely licked clean from every platter at the wedding!!! All of the other dishes were just as good but the Beef Cheeks were the hit of the evening! I’m sure there is so much more that I could add but that’s getting into the very fine details… …all you have to know is this, once you’re in their arms, they’ll go above and beyond to take care of you – no joke! We had a blast working with you and you made our wedding a memorable one!

Thank you once again Michael, Nonee & and the K12000 Team!


-Limzer Lagrimas, [Client: Wedding] via



The crew of Kitchen12000 is amazing. Seriously.Not only are they all absolutely adorable, they are competent, polite and love what they do. Which, as you know is not always a given with any business these days.I was so excited to have them cater my wedding this past May. Nonee, Michael and Lex were all so helpful with great suggestions and answers to many questions leading up to the big day.Thanks to their hard work my (now) husband and I were able to enjoy the evening and have tons of fun. Though we were too busy having fun to taste much of the food I have heard nothing but rave reviews about all of the beautiful – delicious – tray passed foods all night! There were at least three stories of guests trying to hoard grilled cheese sandwiches and mini baked potatoes, adorable!!They are seriously a dream team and I only hope to be lucky enough to be at another event – or have them over again – just so I can hoard some of their food for myself!!Love love love K12K!!


-Ten Mendoza, [Client: Wedding, Bride] via



Hands down…kitchen 12000 is the best event planning & catering company to host your events!   They deliver and execute and most importantly the staff is AMAZING people to work with, very inspirational and they know how to have a good time.  They are creative, unique and will blow your mind at the ideas they come up with!   They definitely know how to throw events that will have you talking about it for years!!Kitchen 12000 I look forward to working with you very, very soon!!

-Rachel K. Agpaoa, [Client: Corporate] via 



I recently hired Kitchen12000 for our company party and they really knocked it out of the park! Not only were they extremely professional, but they took care of everything and went above and beyond to make sure our holiday party was a huge success!Michael, Nonee and their friendly team are passionate, creative and  extremely detail oriented. You guys rocked!Will book them again without hesitation :) Can’t wait til next year guys!

-Ella Avetisyan, [Client:  Holiday Party] via



So, I was pretty much given the huge responsibility of throwing the Christmas party for my husbands company…  5 days before the day!!  Of course I was very worried, and I immediately started looking for a caterer.  I emailed 5, and Kitchen 12000 was very fast with their response.  Michael K. was at my house that night and the minute I met him, I knew he was my best choice.  He made me feel relieved immediately since he told me to relax and just let him worry about everything.  I’m glad I did!!  he made the magic happen in just 4 days… 4 DAYS!!  Our guests were awed from every single detail, and most importantly, we absolutely loved the food.I highly reccomend Kitchen12000.  Superb food, attention to detail and beyond friendly staff.I will definitely keep calling!!!

-Brenda Brown, [Client: Holiday Party] via



Who knew that you could get pork belly that is nearly half fat and slightly less than half meat, put it on a skewer and make me want to eat more of those than any chocolate at a predominately chocolate filled event. The folks at Kitchen 12000 did so.With caterers dressed in funky post modern David bowie outfits, wearing tutus and passing out mushroom stuffers as well as serving up milk, I don’t know how to describe the folks at Kitchen12000 as anything more than brilliant and frankly, if I have an event that needs catering, I’m going to look them up.Not only do they have a signature look and feel to their craft, but the food was simply amazing on all fronts. There presentation was second only to the taste of these meal offerings. A-maze-In! Pork belly skewers.. again, can’t say how much I loved devouring them. I’m clearly one to blame for them not lasting too long.

-Javier J. [Guest:  Corporate Event] via