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The Armenian Wedding, On a Single Plate

Michael Kay

Alright well this is less of a recipe and more of a system – if that makes any sense. What I mean is, the components of this dish are considered classics, with different “recipe like” variations – so versus breaking down how much salt, pepper, herbs or blah blah blah go into this dish, I’d prefer explaining it’s unique presentation.

Did I mention that I am Armenian? No, well check it out, as far as “being Armenian” conversations go, I can go on tangents forever, remnant of lines hugging a sine curve in a calculus math problem. But in this case what you need to know is that Armenians throw huge weddings, & at these events are TONS OF FOOD, from pickled veggies to salads & BBQed kabobs to whole fried fish. I love it & hate it at the same time. Why? Cuz I’m sick of the same old stuff over & over. So here I have combined certain elements of the Armenian Wedding table & put them on one plate – strategically. 3 kinds of shish kabob over pita bread (pork, chicken, beef), a yogurt dip (commonly known as tdzadziki), a typical greek style veggie salad, roasted potatoes, fresh herbs, and of course, a shot of whiskey. Does that count as a recipe? Oh well, it does to me.

Recipe and photo graciously provided by Nick Mouradian of the Original Kabob Factory.

K12 Team Nick Mouradian
K12 Team Nick Mouradian