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From weddings to corporate events, house parties to outdoor concerts - our seasoned catering team knows how to feed the masses with style and grace. In other words - you bring the guests, we'll handle the rest.

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Catering and Event Production Company in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA

K12 Rolls the Dice with Post Haste Sound

Michael Kay

During the day, Post Haste Sound is a state of the art  post production studio in the heart of Culver City. But on this particular night, you would probably have to do double-take to make sure you weren’t somehow transported to a Vegas casino. A seemingly inconspicuous party tent in the back parking lot quickly turned into a hot spot for dice rolling, drink sipping, and general laughter with the simple addition of appropriate ambience and delicatable edibles.

From the look of our spread, we had a royal flush. The lighting set the perfect tone for the evening with hues of red and gold. Frank Sinatra added charm and class to the vibe. The buffets were simply irresistable; featuring breads, cheeses, spreads, and to-die-for desserts. They taunted and teased guests into savoring their companionship, like a burlesque dancer whose moves cause involuntary drooling. We found these tables surrounded for the whole evening and were only able to pry people away by enticing them with our savory passed appetizers.

From lamb lollipops to spicy miso shrimp, every plate that was sent out came back as though someone could have licked it clean. By the end of the evening no one could keep their poker face straight, it was satisfied smiles all around.

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