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From weddings to corporate events, house parties to outdoor concerts - our seasoned catering team knows how to feed the masses with style and grace. In other words - you bring the guests, we'll handle the rest.

Kitchen 12000

Catering and Event Production Company in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA

K12 Gets Surreal4Real

Michael Kay

Like we said, we’re just chilling at the studio when a phone call comes in. Apparently it goes something like “There’s a fundraising gala IN ONE WEEK for 700 guests and VIPs, and we need a production coordinator like a fat kid needs an hour of outdoor playtime a day!”

Challenge Accepted.

In no time, a fury of vendors, contacts, and talent come rushing into our lives like we had just inherited a family of circus folk. Being a natural ringleader, Nonee Kay took the reighs of the nearest elephant and lead the team into the tent for a “Black Swan” themed extravaganza of an evening.

All of this goes without saying that, with only a week to get organized, seeing the historic Cathedral of St. Vibiana of Downtown Los Angeles light up with spectacular production and fill with people gathered together for a righteous cause, was completely worth the lack of sleep and borderline insanity (otherwise known as utter genius).