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400 West Glenoaks Boulevard
Glendale, CA, 91202
United States


From weddings to corporate events, house parties to outdoor concerts - our seasoned catering team knows how to feed the masses with style and grace. In other words - you bring the guests, we'll handle the rest.



Follow the seasons and SERVE with love.



Our clients have love for us, and we have an equal love for our farmers. It’s our belief that as chefs our job is simple: to put food on a plate. Simply put, that’s what we do.

You can spot us every Wednesday at the Santa Monica farmer’s market. Look out for the men in K12K T-Shirts.

To clarify, we’re shopping there – not selling.



Something about the way the world spins around the sun is totally mind-boggling. But thanks to scientists of our past we’ve gotten a pretty good handle on a few of earth’s rotational patterns.

Be warned that our menus change seasonally and at times so do our recipes.

Real life human beings cook the food that we serve – not robots in a factory.



Our stance on most things is quite simple, do what you love, love who you are, and be thankful for those who love you so dearly.

Sometimes the world feels icky, the sort of place where you could be fooled to think that all is ugly. As you know, such is not the case.

Life is beautiful and so are you. Which is why we do what we do. To remind our brothers and sisters of this planet that we are all beautiful, like the vibrant colors in all food.