Going Gaga in Brentwood for Dermalogica

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Alright, so i’s a bit of a challenge to turn a classic spanish home in Brentwood with a Las Vegas Venetian cabana feeling backyard into a modern Lady Gaga inspired party environment, but it had to be done. Dermalogica Inc. (the world’s leading skin care brand) hosted it’s top 100 representatives from around the world last week for their yearly corporate conference. A week long training session with interludes of recreation. We were selected to entertain these skin care fanatics for over a week, topping it off with a party at the home of the CEO herself. Checkout what happened…

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

We had DJ Killer Queen sporting our very own recreation of the Lady Gaga bubble outfit as she spun behind an ivory white grand piano on top of the dance-floor’s secondary DJ platform. By the end of the night, half the party had spent some time or another on top of the piano dancing as if it were 1969.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

What was approached as a simple house party for guests to “mix and mingle” turned into an all female rave environment, leaving our buffet stations (almost) untouched while Dermalistas crowded the dance floor throughout the night. Shit was off the hook – honestly.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Starting with a little passed appetizers and dessert session at 6 PM, the ladies came dressed to impress, rocking endless variations of the Lady Gaga brand.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

We had our brand new plexi-lit dessert stations rocking white/black/blue/red sweetness from our friends over at Essential Chocolate Desserts in Culver City. “I wan’t 4 colors, and 4 colors only Melissa. Keep it all Gaga.”

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Floral arrangements designed by Gardenia Flower Art in Glendale, CA compliments the overall design aesthetic of the party. We’re talking white/red/blue/black on glass, mirrors & ceramics. The fellows at GFA straight killed it as usual.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Highback lounge environments spread through the over 5,000 square foot backyard made for great rest and relaxtion zones during the almost 12 full seconds that the entire party was not on the dance floor. I’m serious folks, these ladies did not stop dancing. It was f**king AWESOME!

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Our Lady Gaga back-up dancer look-alike waiters made sure the ladies had all they wanted. Drinks, food, erotic dancing sessions…

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Big ups to our main man Steve Scherer for keeping everybody fed. This guy had to nourish these ladies for 5 days straight. Which meant he had to wrap up his work at the party, and head home to catch like 1 hour of sleep before he got back on the grind the next morning. Mad props to our big guy.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Our homegirl thoroughly killed it. From the look, to the grove and the non-stop banging beats – our Killer Queen put it down in the city.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Make-up? More like 4 artists painting 15 K12ers in 6 hours before they themselves got into character to bust-a-move during the party too. Lead artist Nate preps fellow comrade here before show time.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Usually working security, our very own Edgar Abramyan took the stage per request, shirtless and on a prowl. His late night strip show in the charter bus had the ladies going crazy in the middle of classy/quiet Brentwood California. Good work my man.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Costume design by Nonee Alex Kay had each person in character within seconds. This young man played the “I’m so hot, I can’t even smile” persona. Really well too…

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Did I mention we had over 1,000 pieces of bite sized desserts? Okay, just making sure.

Kitchen12000 Lady Gaga Party for Dermalogica

Oh, and while the edible stations become secondary behind all of the dancing and entertainment, drunken munching definitely took place throughout the end of the night. Don’t worry, none of this stuff went to waste.

While these photos are great, you really had to be there. Well, maybe next year. Cuz from the sounds of it, it looks like Dermalogica isn’t going to be looking for another catering crew for a long time.

“In 17 years of putting this series of events together, we have never had anyone even come close to what you folks did for us this week. Kitchen12000 is amazing.” -Pretty Much Everyone at Dermalogica

Many thanks to the Dermalogica’s executives for allowing us to spotlight our arsenal of awesomeness.

K12 Caters Porsche Panamera N. America Release

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Kitchen12000 Porsche Panamera Launch Event

So when Porsche asked us to coordinate the Panamera North American launch (in Beverly Hills) of their first 4-Door Sedan, the Panamera – we were like “holly s**t, hell yeah. Are you kidding me?” And then when we found out that we out-competed Wolfgang Puck’s Cateringcrew to get the job, we were like “holly s**t, hell yeah. Are you kidding me?” Enough said, checkout the photos.

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

3 Bars setup outside, 1 serving red+white wines, another dishing out all sorts of Tequila cocktail variations and of course a non-alcoholic bar with all types of fresh juices, sodas and agua. “You turned our parking lot into a freaking club!”

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

The standard, S and Turbo Panamera vehicles were featured inside the dealership, where we had ladies passing out bite sized appetizers and cocktails for all of the 500+ guests. The event was invite only, to Porsche owners, friends and family. All three sold that night, btw.

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

The smoked salmon blinis were a hit apparently. Oh, and from the reviews on Yelp, it appears the bacon wrapped gorgonzola dates and pork belly satays didn’t do that bath either ;) But honestly, anything tastes good when it comes served by pretty ladies such as Whitney here. Truth be told…

Kitchen12000 Panamera Porsche Launch Party

Curried chicken salad shooters with hearts of palm, toasted+shaved coconut & micro arugula – special request from the big man at BevHillsPorsche.

Kitchen12000 Porsche Panamera Launch

Smoked scottish salmon over a potato blini, featuring a lemon-lime creme fresh & micro chives. Goodnight.

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

Pretty ladies, young chefs, porsche enthusiasts, great food, killer tunes, endless alcohol & brand spanking new 4-Door Porsche sedans to stare at all night. Yeah, tough times in Beverly Hills that night ;)

Read below what BevHills Porsche representative Jay Huffschmidt had to say about our efforts on Yelp.com.


Mid October of 2009 Porsche planned the United States debut of its first four door sedan, a festively named rocket ship know as the Panamera. Beverly Hills Porsche had the pleasure and duty to help with the Los Angeles unveiling. It’s been quite a while since I’ve organized such an important event and with ever shrinking marketing budgets I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of pulling off something as big as this.

I started calling in favors form friends in the event planning business. It didn’t take long to realize things could very easily get out of hand and go terribly over budget. I started to put the word out that I needed something special yet affordable and after a few stellar recommendations and a bucket load of due diligence I decided to contact Michael Kay form Kitchen 12000.

Originally I was only looking for a catering company that could handle the food and beverage service. I thought I had the rest of the bases covered. However after meeting with Michael I decided to let his mad genius take over the better part of my event. We decided to call the project Viva Panamera! Michael sourced a top notch DJ, a crew of professional photographers and a crack security team. His Kitchen 12000 chefs, servers and bar staff had already established a great reputation and became the corner stone of this project.

The 24 hours leading up to an event is always the most stressful. Michael and his staff kept re assuring me that this was going to be an experience that my guests would not soon forget. The stress kept building as the event grew nearer. Several of the key components that I had been working on started to fall apart and of course the torrential rains moved in. Michael worked with me on a contingency work around just incase the rain forced the event indoors. He also offered to pick up some of the slack my other vendors were hanging me up with. Looking back K-12000 got 80% of my budget and did 110% of the work. Next time I write one check and let them do it all.

The Panamera launch was a qualified success! Mother Nature moved the rain clouds to the east, the sun dried off the grounds and Kitchen12000 brought their A-game. The K-12′ers arrived and Beverly Hills Porsche underwent a transformation from car lot to night club. Everything looked amazing! The red carpet style entry with paparazzi press wall impressed. The flowers, candles, tables, bars and DJ booth all worked their magic to create the right mood. When the food came out my guests were truly impressed. I had a few people tell me over and over again how much they loved the prosciutto wrapped dates unless that was just the little voices in my head. From beginning to end everything went off as planned with one exception. I didn’t budget enough for booze. Thankfully Michael came to the rescue and had some emergency bottles delivered to save my skin.

I applaud Michael Kay and the outstanding performance by the entire Kitchen12000 team. Viva Panamera! I’ve posted pictures of the event to my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/…

I can’t wait for the next excuse to throw a party using K-12000!

Took it to the Sky for Yelp

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So when Yelp asked us if we’d grace the floor for their first ever Los Angeles Open Party, we thought…sure. Our original request was for them to allow the entire coordination of the event (located at the Jlounge Restaurant and Nightclub in Downtown LA) to be our responsibility. Apparently, they we’rent “comfortable” with that, so we accepted the challenge (per request) of turning the entire outdoor patio into an “Air” inspired party environment.

Their original suggestions were for us to serve cotton candy, whipped cream and other “airy” foods, along with putting up some balloons and stuff. We instead, came up with the AIR12000 campaign, and airport inspired party environment designed, catered and executed by Kitchen12000. Check it out…


So we had our cocktail waitresses dressed in custom A12K flight attendant gear as DJ Armen Abajian was decked in a full A12K captain outfit. Armen spun the hottest in electro house & progressive music from his cockpit style stage setup in front of 144″ projection screen. The video featured the prospective of a flight captain flying through blue skies and clouds. It was f**king rad. He straight killed it on the 1s and 2s as expected from the Minister of Sound.


Our AIR12000 Fly High campaign was conjured by parent company Black Garlic Creative. The graphic design execution was through Torino, featuring a complete family of unique Airport Brands, ranging from a Package Claim Station, “Sue Vaneer” booth, Coffee Clinic, I <3 Pho King bar, and Killer Kabob Express setup. Think of an Airport whose purpose it is to get you ready to fly high into party land. No seat-belts required here…


Make-up and hair for all the boys and girls came compliments of Katy Sah and Ms. Teal. Trust that everyone looked quite hot…


The plexi-glass runway streaked through the patio, between chairs (setup as they would be in first class of any charter airplane). Ladies pushed Air12000 food/drink carts up and down the runway, serving guests packaged A12K “airplane” food (Braised Short Ribs, Blue Cheese Bacon Smashed Potatoes & Steamed Green Beans with Champagne Butter Sauce). It made for quite a show. Straight up…


So instead of having the classic coffee and cookie airport booth, we went with a “Coffee Clinic” concept. Assuming coffee was an illegal drug (versus a legal one as it is now) we served coffee as would a coffee healing center. Filtered coffee, un-filtered coffee, coffee brownies + crisps & even 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz prescription bottles of coffee (as seen above). The “legalize it” campaign subliminally hinted the theme throughout all articles at the station.


The unfiltered coffee (whose potency was the highest) was an absolute hit. It played the role of master kush for the night.


Rastaman Nick Joseph educated guests on how and when to use the various coffee products. Fly high, that’s the motto.


Over 1,500 guests came through the spot, rounded the stations, and sampled all that Air12000 had to offer. People we’re tripping, asking “what is this? I don’t get it.” A good sign, as we see it.


Lady Meline performed endless life vest safety performances in a G-Rated Stripper/Gogo Dancer fashion – all while shining the brightest in brite-whites.


I mean s**t, we had our flight attendants putting on a show all night.


Catwalk style…over and over. Sometimes with food, other times with drinks, and most of the time – just strutting their stuff.


And of course, showing the highest level of respect to our captain at the DJ Booth, whose noble efforts took our guests from walking into our spot in shock, to staying way past their bed-time. “We don’t want to leave,” was our top compliment. But thanks to our friends at JLounge (who had trouble swallowing the fact that we stole the show) our outdoor area got closed down early, so that guests could actually go inside the venue – which was ghost town for most the night. Two thumbs (and big-toes) down to JLounge for being wack like that. Anyway, we took it in stride. On to the next one…


A kiss goodbye. Air12000 was a one time effort specifically designed for our friends at Yelp. K12 = Never duplicate, sometimes re-create, always innovate.

Visit Air12000.com for more photos and a step by step creative timeline for the party’s inception.

To see what they think about us on Yelp, checkout our profile – http://www.yelp.com/biz/kitchen12000-glendale

The Armenian Wedding, On a Single Plate

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Alright well this is less of a recipe and more of a system – if that makes any sense. What I mean is, the components of this dish are considered classics, with different “recipe like” variations – so versus breaking down how much salt, pepper, herbs or blah blah blah go into this dish, I’d prefer explaining it’s unique presentation.

Did I mention that I am Armenian? No, well check it out, as far as “being Armenian” conversations go, I can go on tangents forever, remnant of lines hugging a sine curve in a calculus math problem. But in this case what you need to know is that Armenians throw huge weddings, & at these events are TONS OF FOOD, from pickled veggies to salads & BBQed kabobs to whole fried fish. I love it & hate it at the same time. Why? Cuz I’m sick of the same old stuff over & over. So here I have combined certain elements of the Armenian Wedding table & put them on one plate – strategically. 3 kinds of shish kabob over pita bread (pork, chicken, beef), a yogurt dip (commonly known as tdzadziki), a typical greek style veggie salad, roasted potatoes, fresh herbs, and of course, a shot of whiskey. Does that count as a recipe? Oh well, it does to me.

Recipe and photo graciously provided by Nick Mouradian of the Original Kabob Factory.

K12 Team Nick Mouradian

Kitchen12000 in Pasadena Magazine Chef Addition

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Pasadena Magazine has got their eye on us – and weíre humbled by that, truly. In case you canít read the tiny writing at the bottom, we’ve pasted it below.


1. How would you define your cuisine? Post modern minimalism sugar coated by classic French refinement.

2. What inspires you when designing a menu?: Society. Our food reflects the life and times of human beings roaming the vast lands of planet earth. Past, present and future.

3. What is your specialty/signature dish?: The Magical Mushroom

4.Education/Work Experience: From Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena to CIA in New York, our staff embodies prestige, style, grace and most of all FUNK.

5. Favorite local purveyors, and why? Like any good parent towards a child, we donít play favorites. Come one, come all.

6. Whatís your favorite food? See question 5.

7. What kitchen tool do you find invaluable? The computer, without which we have limited opportunity to propagate our movement.

8. What kind of dining experience do you offer guests? The unforgettable kind, combining food, service, design and everything in between to propel the vibe commonly referred to us Kitchen120000.

9. What made you want to be a chef? Life did. We did not choose this path, it chose us.

10. Please list the name you would like printed above your profile and how you would like your name to appear: Kitchen12000 – Join the Revolution

Michael Kay says “What’s Up” to the Food Network

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So after 6 years of begging this guy to audition for “The Next Food Network Star” we’ ve finally convinced Michael Kay that he’s not too crazy to be on the Food Network.  The truth of the matter is, that like many others, we too think that he’s WAYYYY too much for TV.  But goodness, it’s so fun watching him trip people out, that we continue to cheer him on.

He’s made it through the first couple of rounds of casting, but now he’s got to make a home video and submit a couple of signature dishes.  He says he doesn’t care to be on the show, unless they really want it.  But the truth is, I’m sure he’d love to – especially when considering that he’s writing about himself in the third person right now at 2 AM.  Go figure.

Converting a Beverly Hills Home via Korean BBQ

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In this picture S. Scherer puts a final touch on our signature Rock Prawn Amuse, featuring a cabbage two-way and blood orange ginger reduction.


Take note that each item on the plate is served at room temperature. This we like to do, anytime we serve a medium-spicy (and up) tasting introduction.


mKay drops the cucumber carpet that will house our first time effort to remake Simako Jee’s 5 potato tar tar.


Served ice cold, this eskimo escargot packs a tang when finished with our one-time rice vinegar sesame glazee.


An intermezzo with a twist – of glasss noodles that is: around a double shot glass. Featuring a green tea bamboo broth, coconut water, goji+mangosteen juice. This guy says goodnight and goodbye to your typical palette cleanser.


How about a Japanese BBQ sashimi platter for dinner? Our crowd planned to hit the LA Club Scene after the meal, so we decided to keep it real, but fresh. Enough said, now get your drink on.


And drinking they did – sake and sapporo that is. Notice as N.Mouradi and N. Alex pour brews with just enough budge to embrace a sake canon bomb.

Kitchen12000 in Genlux Magazine

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About a month ago we catered a surprise birthday party for the editor of GenLux Fashion Magazine (George Blodwell) and apparently he was impressed, showing by his gracious gesture; a K12 shout out in his latest publication.  If I recall correctly, our very own Natalie Clair overheard him say, “this is the most delectable thing I’ve ever eaten,” referencing our White Truffle Magical Mushroom Shooters offered during the event in Michael Sutton’s  Guys and Dolls Lounge on Beverly Blvd.

“Just to remind you, Genlux is distributed to 50,000 of the wealthiest homes in LA,” – Jesse Burt (personal assistant to George Blodwell)

Kitchen12000 – Join the Revolution.

Zucchini Patties with Remoulade

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Alright so we felt like trying some veggie food experiment, and all we had to work with was zucchini, potato, broccoli, cabbage and mushrooms. Quite honestly it wasn’t set out to be a veggie experiment actually, but we didn’t have any meat – so here is what we did.

First, peel and grate both the potatoes and zucchini. Then we sautéed some fennel, onions, and garlic with some grapeseed oil and finished with a squeeze of orange juice and a bunch of chopped cilantro. Let that cool and then mix with the potatoes+zucchini and add one egg plus some seasoning (salt, pepper, etc.). To cook, coat with flour and shallow fry. So that’s the patty/cutlet/fritter whatever, wait until the end to make those by the way.

Next, steam some broccoli, sauté a few mushrooms and make a cabbage salad. Steamed broccoli is teamed broccoli, and a cabbage salad is simply finely chopped cabage with some type of herb vinaigrette. The mushrooms require a garlic butter that you make by simply blending fresh garlic and butter. Cook the mushrooms on high heat and add small amounts of the butter at a time throughout the cooking process.

The sauce is quite easy, since it’s more of a dressing than a sauce. In a blender, combine oil, orange juice, sundried tomaotes and dijon mustard until fluid and season with salt and white pepper.

Put all of these components on a plate with some type of sloppy direction (organized sloppy that is) and serve with a glass of ice cold pomegranate juice.

Recipe and Photo graciously provided by-Nonee Alexandra of K12. Nonee is neither a cook nor a chef. But she likes to experiment with food, and that’s all that matters.


Open Faced Pulled Piggy

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We love pulled pork, so we tend to incorporate it (somehow) into every event we cater. And while we’re on the topic of confessions, let’s just be open about it and lay it all out? Pork is cheap, which means we could buy the organic grain fed product without “cry me a rivering.” That’s one. Secondly, pulled pork really doesn’t require much skill to pull off (pun intended) – all you need to do is season it with your favorite dry rub, give it a quick sear & then blast in the oven covered with aluminum (and braising liquid) until it turns into shreddable goodness. Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I took the easy way out, once again. Sorry.

After handling the pork, we move onto choosing a base. I like to use ciabatta because it’s light, neutral and provides a good chew – necessary when serving pulled pork sandwiches. Toast the bread, then cut it, and lightly brush with garlic/lemon butter. The slaw consists of napa cabbage, purple cabbage, cilantro and a mayo-less Red-White-Blue style vinaigrette. For this one, we kept it simple – olive oil, sherry vinegar, salt, pepper, paprika.

Put that all together, and serve with a cocktail napkin so they can stay classy while munching on some good old pulled piggy.

Recipe and photo provided by Hovel Mouradyan of Kitchen12000.


Shrimp BLT on Crostini

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These little guys are a hit at any cocktail party, or as an appetizer/finger food before dinner. They couldn’t be easier to make either. Start off by toasting a thin slice of baguette bread (or anything that makes you happy) and brushing with melted garlic butter. Top the little toast points with some micro greens, a slice of tomato, wedge of bacon and of course a piece of sauteed shrimp. I’d like to elaborate more on this one, but that’s really all it takes.

Photo by H.Blikian with commentary by A.Bakti of K12 – Kitchen1200: Join the Revolution.